janome(ジャノメ) / 深山食器店-白磁の窯元miyamaで作る暮らしの道具の器

☆暖かくなりました、三寒四温をすぎて春が近づきます"sakura/桜" の器をご紹介。送料無料キャンペーンを実施中。詳しくはこちら へ。

☆(英語でのお問い合わせは) Dear Valued Customer, Domestic Delivery Service is available for your tableware need. Should you require any further assistance, do not hesitate to contact【←click here!】 us.


「作り手八分、使い手二分」 ものづくりの一部を使い手に委ねるこんな言葉があります。

We believe craftmanship is completed by not only makers but also users.
-Soba choku- the simple structured tableware for chilled Soba noodles sauce, but you can use it for tea, Sake and etc, too.
The same series lines “Soba tokkuri” is available for any purpose such as a dressing bottle, a flower vace.