深山のものづくり / 深山食器店-美濃焼の窯元miyamaで作る暮らしの道具たち



☆12月の特集は「赤くて、小さくて、ハッピーなうつわ 」です。【限定色】赤を用いたうつわで華やかな食卓を。詳しくは特集のページからご覧ください。



そのほとりで、1846 年(弘化三年)に当時、国内でもほとんど使われていない 銅版絵付けに果敢に挑戦したやきもの「里泉焼」が存在していました。 現在では耳にする事のない、そのやきものが生まれた地で、その精神を受け継ぎ1977 年 深山は誕生しました。

“Tableware created through time andhuman hands.”

Back in the middle of nineteenth century in Ori Inatsu cho, Mizunami-city in Gifu prefecture, the ceramic ware called “Risen-yaki” was created and it was the first challenge in the country to try ceramics painting by using copper plate. Miyama was born in this place in 1977, inheriting the art and spirit developed in this area.
Our tableware is created by the technique called “casting”, which forms porcelain with plaster mold. This technique involves many people’s skill in creating tableware.



素材を美しく仕上ること。白磁であれば、その本来の白さを引き出すこと。それは意匠のはなしだけではなく、性質を高める事にも つながります。深山の白磁はガラス質の多い磁器土を 1340 度で 焼き上げます。 不純物を焼切るまで高温で焼き上げられた土と釉薬は、 融け合い、ガラス化し、淡く透けるような光沢を生み出し、 そして、それ同時に洗いやすく、汚れにくい素材となり、 道具として長く使って頂く事が可能となりますものづくりを突き詰めることで、美しさと機能性が互いに高まる。用の美のうつわ。

“Beautifully finish material.”

Finishing material beautifully.For white porcelain, it is important to draw its original whiteness, which will lead us to improve its quality as well. Miyama’s white porcelain is created by firing porcelain clay which is rich in glass component at 1340 degrees. By firing in a high-temperature oven, the clay and glaze get harmonized, vitrified and create translucent luster on its surface, and it becomes an easy-to-wash and stain-resistant material at the same time. It will grow to be more functional and aesthetically pleasing through this process. Tableware with the beauty of utility.




“Beautiful tableware”

Beautiful tableware is our spirit for manufacturing. We have inherited and respected the esthetics of traditional Japanese who created HIRAGANA (Japanese syllabary characters) and will form this consciousness into the design of tableware suitable for our contemporary lifestyle. Our expectations are placed on this tableware which can help people to use our tableware for fun so that we carry on our manufacturing tradition and live with both of them for the future.




“Former world’s leading producer of porcelain ware”

Mino-yaki is mainly produced in the cities of Tajimi, Toki and Mizunami, which are located in the east of Gifu. Among these cities, Mizunami used to be the world’s leading producer of porcelain, which had been providing the world with dinner tableware from mid-40’s to mid-60’s. We have developed the ceramic products by integrating the world’s best technology accumulated in this porcelain production area with the current trend. Miyama has continued to challenge ourselves to new manufacturing, utilizing our “white porcelain firing technology” and “high molding technique” accumulated in this area.We believe that we can connect the technology with human life by making progress together with ourcommunity.