Miyama Co., Ltd. has been in business for 42 years and manufacturing with the method of pressure casting since the establishment. We are proud of our manufacturing work site where we have inherited the genes of our predecessors who pursued high quality creation.
We also placed a planning office in our company dozen years ago, where we launched the original design products with in-house designers, which leaded our company to receive the honor of Good Design Award (G mark) five times.
With all those honors, we are still not satisfied but willing to move even forward. We are determined to move ahead with our manufacturing to please our customers even more living with and listening to them. Our never-ending progress is aiming at manufacturing of “beautiful tableware” to create affluent lifestyles for our customers.

CEO Hideyuki Matsuzaki

Corporate philosophy

“We are committed to provide extraordinary things that are unique to us.”

Management policy

(1) We always manufacture out products to be able to prove worthy of our customers’ trust and contribute to the society.
(2) We always provide high quality products with exceptional skills and inspiration.
(3) We always try to challenge something new, and work hard with passion and pride in our mind.

Company Profile

Company name
Miyama Co., Ltd.
President & CEO
Hideyuki Matsuzaki
Head Office
940-1, Ori Inatsu, Mizunami-city, Gifu prefecture, JAPAN, 509-6103
TEL 0572-67-1522 FAX 0572-68-2826
October 5th, 1977
32million JPY
Business Activities
1)Manufacturing and sales of ceramic wares.
2)Any other business incidental to the above.
68 (Group total in November 2019)
Affiliate companies
Act for Measures to Support the Development of the Next Generation

Our history

April 1966
Matsuzaki Trading Co., Ltd. founded at 2103-1, Oda, Mizunami, Gifu. Capital: 5 million JPY
October 1977
Miyama Co., Ltd. founded at 940-1, Ori, Inatsu, Mizunami, Gifu.Capital: 20 million and 500 thousand JPY
May 1979
Increased the capital to 32 million JPY.
April 1982
Established former 2nd factory at 710-1, Ori, Inatsu, Mizunami, Gifu.
January 1983
Established another factory in Tashiro district, Yamaoka, Ena, Gifu. Started full-scale production of ceramic wares.
January 1984
Established 3rd factory at 752-2, Asano, Hida, Toki, Gifu.
December 1990
Founded Miyama Ceramics Sdn.Bhd, a joint venture and locally-incorporated company in Kuching, Malaysia. Launched full-scale production overseas.
December 1993
Closed former 2nd factory.
June 1996
Established current 2nd factory at 210-1, Ori, Inatsu, Mizunami, Gifu.
April 1998
Opened Planning office.
October 1999
Awarded Good Design Award of Small and Medium Enterprise in Mino-yaki New Work Exhibition.
October 2001
Closed 3rd factory.
October 2004
Awarded Good Design Award for "kowake" series.
June 2005
Changed company name from Matsuzaki Trading Co., Ltd. to Miyama Planning Co., Ltd.
October 2006
Awarded Good Design Award for “column” series.
June 2006
Opened "HOYARA BAKERY & CAFE" in Yamaoka, Ena, Gifu
September 2010
Awarded Good Design Award for "isola pallet plate" and "sasasa" series.
September 2011
Awarded Bronze prize of International Ceramic Festival in the category of Factory Design for "sasasa" series.